Encog.App.Analyst.Wizard NamespaceEncog Machine Learning Framework for .Net

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Public classAnalystWizard
The Encog Analyst Wizard can be used to create Encog Analyst script files from a CSV file. This class is typically used by the Encog Workbench, but it can easily be used from any program to create a starting point for an Encog Analyst Script. Several items must be provided to the wizard. Desired Machine Learning Method: This is the machine learning method that you would like the wizard to use. This might be a neural network, SVM or other supported method. Normalization Range: This is the range that the data should be normalized into. Some machine learning methods perform better with different ranges. The two ranges supported by the wizard are -1 to 1 and 0 to 1. Goal: What are we trying to accomplish. Is this a classification, regression or autoassociation problem.
Public classSourceElement

Public enumerationNormalizeRange
The normalization range that the Encog Analyst Wizard should use.
Public enumerationPredictionType
Public enumerationWizardMethodType
The machine learning method that the Encog Analyst Wizard should use.