Encog.App.Analyst NamespaceEncog Machine Learning Framework for .Net

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Public classAnalystError
An error has occured with the Encog Analyst.
Public classConsoleAnalystListener
A console implementation of the Encog Analyst listener. Will report all progress to the console.
Public classEncogAnalyst
The Encog Analyst runs Encog Analyst Script files (EGA) to perform many common machine learning tasks. It is very much like Maven or ANT for Encog. Encog analyst files are made up of configuration information and tasks. Tasks are series of commands that make use of the configuration information to process CSV files.

Public interfaceIAnalystListener
Reports the progress of the Encog Analyst. If you would like to use this with an Encog StatusReportable object, use the bridge utilituy object: Encog.app.analyst.util.AnalystReportBridge

Public enumerationAnalystFileFormat
CSV file formats used by the Encog Analyst.
Public enumerationAnalystGoal
What is the goal of the Encog Analyst?