VectorAlgebra ClassEncog Machine Learning Framework for .Net
Basic vector algebra operators. Vectors are represented as arrays of doubles. This class was created to support the calculations in the PSO algorithm. This class is thread safe. Contributed by: Geoffroy Noel
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  Encog.MathUtil VectorAlgebra

Namespace: Encog.MathUtil
Assembly: encog-core-cs (in encog-core-cs.dll) Version: (

public class VectorAlgebra

The VectorAlgebra type exposes the following members.


Public methodVectorAlgebra
Initializes a new instance of the VectorAlgebra class

Public methodAdd
v1 = v1 + v2
Public methodClampComponents
For each components, reset their value to maxValue if their absolute value exceeds it.
Public methodCopy
dst = src Copy a vector.
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Public methodMul
v = k * v The components of the vector are multiplied by k.
Public methodMulRand
v = k * U(0,1) * v The components of the vector are multiplied by k and a random number. A new random number is generated for each component. Thread-safety depends on Random.nextDouble()
Public methodNeg
v = -v
Public methodRandomise( Double )
v = U(0, 0.1)
Public methodRandomise( Double , Double)
v = U(-1, 1) * maxValue Randomise each component of a vector to [-maxValue, maxValue]. thread-safety depends on Random.nextDouble().
Public methodSub
v1 = v1 - v2
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