Encog.Bot.Browse.Extract NamespaceEncog Machine Learning Framework for .Net

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Public classBasicExtract
Implements the basic functionality that most extractors will need to implement. Mostly this involves maintaining a collection of the extraction listeners that will receive events as the extraction occurs.
Public classListExtractListener
A simple implementation of the ExtractListener interface that will listen for words and add them to a list. This allows you to quickly build a list of all of the words on a web page.

Public interfaceIExtract
Provides the basic interface that any extractor must support. An extractor is a class that is capable of extracting certain types of data from web data. For example, the ExtractWords extractor is used to extract all of the words from a web page.
Public interfaceIExtractListener
The ExtractListener interface defines a class that can receive extraction events as an extraction process occurs.