DownloadIndicator ClassEncog Machine Learning Framework for .Net
This indicator is used to download data from an external source. For example you may want to export financial data from Ninja Trader, including Ninja Trader native indicators. This class will download that data and write it to a CSV file.
Inheritance Hierarchy

System Object
  Encog.Cloud.Indicator.Basic BasicIndicator
    Encog.Cloud.Indicator.Basic DownloadIndicator

Namespace: Encog.Cloud.Indicator.Basic
Assembly: encog-core-cs (in encog-core-cs.dll) Version: (

public class DownloadIndicator : BasicIndicator

The DownloadIndicator type exposes the following members.


Public methodDownloadIndicator
Construct the download indicator.

Public methodClose
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Public methodNotifyConnect
Notify that this indicator is now connected. This is called once, at the beginning of a connection. Indicators are not reused.
(Inherited from BasicIndicator.)
Public methodNotifyPacket
Notify that a packet has been received.
(Overrides BasicIndicator NotifyPacket(IndicatorPacket).)
Public methodNotifyTermination
The connection has been terminated.
(Overrides BasicIndicator NotifyTermination .)
Public methodRequestData
Request the specified data. i.e. HIGH, LOW, etc.
(Inherited from BasicIndicator.)
Public methodSave
Save the file.
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Public fieldStatic memberPort
The default port.

Public propertyBlocking
Are we blocking?
(Inherited from BasicIndicator.)
Public propertyDataCount
The count.
(Inherited from BasicIndicator.)
Public propertyDataRequested
The data that has been requested from the remote side. This is typically HLOC(High, Low, Open, Close) data that is needed by the Encog indicator to compute.
(Inherited from BasicIndicator.)
Public propertyErrorMessage
The current error message;
(Inherited from BasicIndicator.)
Public propertyLink
The link.
(Inherited from BasicIndicator.)
Public propertyRowsDownloaded
The number of rows downloaded.
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