IndicatorLink ClassEncog Machine Learning Framework for .Net
Managed a link to a remote indicator.
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System Object
  Encog.Cloud.Indicator.Server IndicatorLink

Namespace: Encog.Cloud.Indicator.Server
Assembly: encog-core-cs (in encog-core-cs.dll) Version: (

public class IndicatorLink

The IndicatorLink type exposes the following members.


Public methodIndicatorLink
Construct an indicator link.

Public methodClose
Close the socket.
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Public methodInitConnection
Request the specified signals (i.e. HLOC(high, low, etc)).
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Public methodReadPacket
Read a packet.
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Public methodWritePacket
Write a packet, basically a CSV line.

Public fieldStatic memberPacketBar
The BAR packet, sent from the client to the server at the end of each BAR.
Public fieldStatic memberPacketError
The ERROR packet, used to move to an error state.
Public fieldStatic memberPacketGoodbye
The GOODBYE packet, sent from the client to the server to end communication.
Public fieldStatic memberPacketHello
The HELLO packet, sent from the client to the server to provide version information.
Public fieldStatic memberPacketInd
The IND packet, sent from the server to the clinet, in response to a BAR.
Public fieldStatic memberPacketInit
The INIT packet, sent from the server to the client to provide config information.
Public fieldStatic memberPacketSignals
The SIGNALS packet, sent from the client to the server to specify requested data.
Public fieldStatic memberPacketWarning
The WARNING packet, used to log a warning.
Public fieldStatic memberSocketTimeout
Default socket timeout.

Public propertyClientSocket
The client socket.
Public propertyPackets
The packet count that we've read.
Public propertyParentServer
The server that created this link.
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