Encog.Bot.Browse NamespaceEncog Machine Learning Framework for .Net

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Public classAddress
A URL address. Holds both the URL object, as well as original text.
Public classBrowseError
Indicates an error has occurred in the browse classes.
Public classBrowser
The main class for web browsing. This class allows you to navigate to a specific URL. Once you navigate to one URL, you can naviage to any URL contained on the page.
Public classLoadWebPage
Called to actually load a web page. This will read the HTML on a web page and generate the DocumentRange classes.
Public classWebPage
Holds a web page that was loaded by the Browse class. Web pages are made up of DataUnits and contents, which are ranges of data units. The data units are basically tags and blocks of text. The contents collection uses DocumentRange objects to assign meatning to the lower level DataObjects.