IAnalystListener InterfaceEncog Machine Learning Framework for .Net
Reports the progress of the Encog Analyst. If you would like to use this with an Encog StatusReportable object, use the bridge utilituy object: Encog.app.analyst.util.AnalystReportBridge

Namespace: Encog.App.Analyst
Assembly: encog-core-cs (in encog-core-cs.dll) Version: (

public interface IAnalystListener

The IAnalystListener type exposes the following members.


Public methodReport
Report progress on a task.
Public methodReportCommandBegin
Report that a command has begun.
Public methodReportCommandEnd
Report that a command has ended.
Public methodReportTraining
Report progress on training.
Public methodReportTrainingBegin
Report that training has begun.
Public methodReportTrainingEnd
Report that training has ended.
Public methodRequestCancelCommand
Request to cancel current command.
Public methodRequestShutdown
Request stop the entire process.
Public methodShouldShutDown
Public methodShouldStopCommand
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