Encog.Bot.Browse.Range NamespaceEncog Machine Learning Framework for .Net

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Public classDiv
A document range that represents the beginning and ending DIV tag, as well as any tages embedded between them.
Public classDocumentRange
Base class that represents a document range. A document range is a collection of tags that all apply to one "concept". For example, a Form, or a Link. This allows the form to collect the elements inside the form, or a link to collect the text along with the link tag.
Public classForm
A document range that represents a form, and all embedded tags.
Public classFormElement
A document range that represents one individual component to a form.
Public classInput
A form element that represents for input for text. These are of the form name=value.
Public classLink
A document range that represents a hyperlink, and any embedded tags and text.
Public classSpan
A document range that specifies a span tag, and any embedded tags.

Public enumerationForm FormMethod
The method for this form.