AnalystWizard PropertiesEncog Machine Learning Framework for .Net

The AnalystWizard type exposes the following members.


Public propertyCodeEmbedData
Should code data be embedded.
Public propertyCodeTargetLanguage
The target language for code generation.
Public propertyEvidenceSegements
The number of evidence segments to use when mapping continuous values to Bayes.
Public propertyGoal
Set the goal.
Public propertyIncludeTargetField
Public propertyLagWindowSize
Public propertyLeadWindowSize
Public propertyMaxError
The maximum allowed training error.
Public propertyMethodType
Public propertyMissing
How should missing values be handled.
Public propertyNaiveBayes
Public propertyPreprocess
Should we preprocess.
Public propertyRange
Public propertyTargetField
Set the target field.
Public propertyTargetFieldName
The String name of the target field.
Public propertyTaskBalance
Public propertyTaskCluster
Public propertyTaskNormalize
Public propertyTaskRandomize
Public propertyTaskSegregate
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