Encog.MathUtil NamespaceEncog Machine Learning Framework for .Net

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Public classBoundMath
C# will sometimes return Math.NaN or Math.Infinity when numbers get to large or too small. This can have undesirable effects. This class provides some basic math functions that may be in danger of returning such a value. This class imposes a very large and small ceiling and floor to keep the numbers within range.
Public classBoundNumbers
A simple class that prevents numbers from getting either too big or too small.
Public classComplexNumber
A complex number class. This class is based on source code by Andrew G. Bennett, Department of Mathematics Kansas State University The original version can be found here: http://www.math.ksu.edu/~bennett/jomacg/c.html
Public classConvert
This class is used to convert strings into numeric values. If the string holds a non-numeric value, a zero is returned.
Public classEncogMath
Math functions used by Encog.
Public classEquilateral
Used to produce an array of activations to classify data into groups. This class is provided the number of groups, as well as the range that the activations should fall into.
Public classIntRange
A range of integers.
Public classLinearCongruentialGenerator
A predictable random number generator. This is useful for unit tests and benchmarks where we want random numbers, but we want them to be the same each time. This class exists on both Java and C# so it can even provide consistent random numbers over the two platforms. Random numbers are created using a LCG. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linear_congruential_generator
Public classMathConst
Math constants needed by Encog.
Public classNumericRange
A numeric range has a high, low, mean, root-mean-square, standard deviation, and the count of how many samples it contains.
Public classThreadSafeRandom
A thread safe random number generator.
Public classVectorAlgebra
Basic vector algebra operators. Vectors are represented as arrays of doubles. This class was created to support the calculations in the PSO algorithm. This class is thread safe. Contributed by: Geoffroy Noel https://github.com/goffer-looney